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Fun Things to Do in Midland TX | Sandstone Ridge

Fun Things to Do in Midland, TX

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In west Texas, near the border of New Mexico, is the city of Midland. Many things in Midland attract visitors from different locations. From historical sites to annual events, paying a visit to Midland can be a memorable experience. Here are some places to be and some things to do if you find yourself in Midland, TX.

The High Sky Wing CAF AIRSHO

The High Sky Wing Commemorative Air Force (CAF) AIRSHO occurs annually, where people can relax and dine on the best Midland offers. The event takes place at the Midland International Air and Space Port. You’ll find various aircraft and some of the best performing pilots working on them. In addition, there are vintage military planes and more modern vehicles for you to enjoy. There’s even a pyrotechnic show with specialists simulating some of the capabilities of these planes.

Diez y Seis de Septiembre Parade

The Diez y Seis de Septiembre Parade celebrates Mexican independence and their historic victories. It’s a fun event with numerous parties held throughout the city. In addition, it’s a celebration of heritage, one of the few chances people will be able to see many groups performing together. Some things you’ll see include vintage vehicles, Aztec dancers, and university performers.


SeptemberFest occurs annually, with many activities for families to enjoy. You’ll find artist booths, food stalls, and scheduled performances. It’s hosted by the Museum of the Southwest, and visitors can enjoy outdoor shopping, creative activities, and local cuisine.

St. Ann’s Family Fair

St. Ann’s Family Fair is one of the most notable events held annually in Midland. The carnival is open for four days, and general admission is free. You’ll find food and game booths with enough fun for the entire family.

Tall City Blues Fest

Tall City Blues Fest is a popular music festival held in Midland, with talents that perform on stage from the afternoon until midnight. You’ll find the schedule on the Tall City Blues Fest website.

Local High School Football

If you enjoy high school sports, the local high school football season features five prominent schools in Midland: Midland High, Legacy, Midland Christian, Greenwood High, and Trinity. A game is always an opportunity to bond with family and friends. Watch rising talents from Midland and enjoy the energy a sports arena brings.

Many Things to Enjoy in Midland

The events listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Most of these occur later in the year. Other seasons will bring a variety of activities and events. Check back often to find out what’s new in Midland.

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